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In 1897 New Zealand, as a colony of the United Kingdom, adopted provisions under the Imperial Coinage Act and thus the coins of the United Kingdom became the only legal tender within New Zealand. In 1920 Great Britain debased it's silver coinage to 50% fine silver and the coinage in New Zealand followed suit. Due to problems with smuggling of coinage (because of differentials in the purchasing power between New Zealand and the UK) and constant shortages of small change New Zealand decided to adopt it's own coinage. A series of 0.500 fine silver coinage was minted from 1933 to 1946 when the silver coins were minted with a cupro nickel alloy (again in line with the United Kingdom). Copper coins were minted from 1938 onwards. In 1967 New Zealand moved from fractional coinage to decimal coinage and all new coins were introduced.

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Coin TypeMintedSilver / Coin (Oz)QuantityTotal Silver Weight
1930 - 1946
0 Oz
1933 - 1946
0 Oz
1933 - 1946
0 Oz
1933 - 1946
0 Oz
Half Crown
1933 - 1935, 1940
0 Oz
0 Oz
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